Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The SeloCast Podcast Pilot Episode

The Weekly Inflated is a podcast about anything! With segments including odd news, guests, comedy minute, and chat. This weekly podcast is all about the listeners! Please e-mail us and let us know what you think and what you want different about it. Our e-mail is

We will post more soon. This is just the pilot episode. The sound quality is a little low, but we are working on it. I will post the link and shownotes soon.

Please note that this podcast contains explicit content and is not sutible for children under 18.

We will have an RSS feed up soon. Until then please click here to listen to it.

Show notes

What this show has/will have:
Comedy sketches
News and Updates
and much more

Segment I – No name!
No name for this segment yet, please send your suggestions to
Associated Press. 8-foot alligator knocks on women's door in Bonita Springs Florida. “He was pretty big, pretty aggressive” Pachelli said, adding that the gator may have followed her home from walking her cocker spaniel, Trooper.

Segment II – Comedy Minute
This week's comedy minute features:
Jeff Foxworthy
Star Trek vs. Beavis and Buthead
Commercial break – Assjet, jholmes Pizza

Segment III – Website news and updates
New name, site design
Messaging system redesigned
Friends list updates
More to come!

Segment VI – Listener E-mails
Please e-mail us at

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