Monday, May 08, 2006

The Weekly Inflated Episode 1

Men kissing womens feet, internet radio without a PC, and more!

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Show notes – Episode 1

No morons

Segment I – Oddly Weird

Man charged with kissing women's feet.

Segment II – Comedy Minute

This weeks comedy minute features:
School of Intercom Announcing
Weekly answering machine message – Singing, We're a tape recording

Segment III – Odd gadget of the week

This week's odd gadget is the Solutions WebRadio from You plug it into your network or modem and you can stream radio and podcasts from it. No PC required! It costs $219.

Segment VI – Announcements

We are making the podcast cleaner.

Considering changing the name of the podcast to be called The Weekly Inflated. Let us know what you think. E-mail us at

New segment – Odd gadget of the week.

Segment V – Listener E-mails

E-mail from John in Georgia says, “Great show, keep up the awesome work. I think you should get some guests on though. Other than that it's a great show.”

Sam from Wyoming says, “Nice! Gotta have more shows and longer shows. Where's Jack?”

Alex from Florida says, “Show sucks, content sucks, you suck."

This week's music is by Mandrake Root. Check out

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